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Animals: Beaver

Another admirable member of the order of rodentia is castor (I’ve only been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of castor canadensis; its cousin, castor fiber, has eluded me to date).

Personally, I find beavers admirable because they number among the few species on earth whose influence on the planet can be seen from space (the largest example being an 850 metre dam along the southern edge of Wood Buffalo National Park in northern Alberta). They are also the second largest rodents in the world (the largest being the South American capybara).

In the past, I’ve never thought of beavers as particularly urban creatures (they needing a lot of trees for the bark they eat to survive), but recently I’ve sighted a few in some very odd places. I found one family living around the mouth of the Humber River, which runs through Toronto — not the first place that’d come to mind when you think of beavers.

I’m glad to have spotted them, but also sad to think how much we humans have encroached on wildlife habitat.

Tasty…but could use a little more salt.

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