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Paris: Pont Alexandre III

In a city where 37 bridges cross the river that bisects it in its metropolitan region, one bridge stands out and is widely regarded as the most ornate and recognizable in Paris: Pont Alexandre III.

You’ve probably seen it in a movie or television show before. Its Art Nouveau styling make it an iconic backdrop and perfect for a set piece. Shoot the bridge at night, add some movie-magic fog, cue the background lights, and it would not be out of place as the quinessential Film Noir location.

The bridge was built and inaugurated for the Exposition Universelle 1900 (as were the Grand Palais and Petit Palais just up the street). The bridge, a six-metre high, single-span steel arch is a marvel of 19th century engineering in and of itself, but it is further accentuated by four massive 17-metre plinths serving as counterweights at its corners; each plinth is adorned with surrounding sculpture and topped by a gilt-bronze figure.

This is simply one beautiful bridge.

Bridge over the River Seine

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Pont Alexandre III (2007)++Pont Alexandre III (2008)++Pont Alexandre III (2007)++Pont Alexandre III (2008)++Pont Alexandre III - Plinth Detail - SW (2008)++Pont Alexandre III - Plinth Detail - SE (2008)++Pont Alexandre III - Plinth Detail - NE (2008)++Pont Alexandre III - Plinth Detail - NW (2008)++Pont Alexandre III - Plaque Detail (2008)++

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