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(or: “Wow, Tempus really does Fugit!”)

I kinda blinked and two years passed by.

Quite unsurprisingly, I didn’t have any opportunities to update this site in that intervening time. Now what, you may ask, consumed all my time for that long? The Monster Project from Pan-Dimensional Hell™ mostly. Not to say I didn’t have time to myself and my personal projects — just no time to post about it to teh InterWebs.

I’ll be making up for lost time over the next little while. I just finished renovating and updating the look and feel from the old site, and a massive flood of stuff is coming: pics, project notes, travelogues…as much content as I can sort out and put up before life and work overtake me again and cause me to go silent for another two years.

Time keeps on ticking…



Posted in Journal by madsci on March 12th, 2010 at 7:03 pm.

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