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(or: “I could’ve sworn the pictures were in that directory.”)

Before I started this most recent flood of posting and updating, I had done a cursory review of the cache of photos on my live drives and had assumed at the time that everything that I wanted was there and in order. But as I began to plan out and structure the list of posts and topics, I quickly realized that I was actually missing a large chunk of the images I thought I had.

I  can only assume that somewhere in the ongoing process of streamlining for travel and, more recently, in the migration over to a new notebook, a significant number of my image library directories were somehow archived and moved over to off/near-line storage. Or at least I hope they were because otherwise that would mean I managed to delete or lose a lot of data one way or another.


What this means is that I’ll have to leave posting about a number of interesting places and things (e.g., London, San Remo, the British Museum, etc.) until such time as I’ve managed to hunt down my misplaced photos and bring them back online. Or alternatively, as a worst-case scenario, until I trundle over and retake those shots the next time I’m in the area. Moreover, you’ll all have to put up with some older, crappier versions of some of the images until I can replace them with photos that were taken with better equipment.

Sorry.  T T

No plan of attack ever survives contact with the enemy.



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