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Paris: Petit Palais

The “Small Palace” was built as a supplementary exhibition hall for the Exposition Universelle 1900 and sits directly across the street from the much larger (and appropriately named) Grand Palais. The building itself is arranged and built around an interior octi-circular courtyard and garden. It is another beautiful example of Beaux-Arts architecture.

Today, the Petit Palais is home to the Musée des Baux-Arts de la ville de Paris (“City of Paris Museum of Fine Arts”).

The museum is open to the public, and admission is free. It houses a remarkable collection of paintings, sculpture, furniture, and objets d’art from the medieval and Renaissance periods to 19th century.

It’s not as well known as some of the other museums in Paris, but some of the pieces are definitely worth the time and effort to pay a visit. Besides, you won’t have to fight the crowds and it’s still a bargain at twice the price.

“Petit” entrance is still rather large.

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Petit Palais - Exterior (2008)++Petit Palais - Exterior (2008)++Petit Palais - Exterior (2008)++Petit Palais - Interior Courtyard (2008)++Petit Palais - Exterior (2008)++Petit Palais - Exterior (2008)++

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