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Monaco: Monte Carlo

Monaco’s largest (and only) city is Monaco. The principality is, in actuality, a city-state.

Monaco-Ville and Monte Carlo (the two names suggested most often when one is asked, “what’s the main city in Monaco called?” are two of the currently ten wards (an 11th was announced but plans for its construction are currently on hold) that make up the city.

For all intents, most people concern themselves with the four traditional quarters of Monaco: Monaco-Ville, the old city on the rocky promontory (Le Rocher) extending into the Mediterranean; La Condamine, the second oldest ward, famous for its wide harbour (the Port of Hercules) and the egregiously expensive yachts that moor there; Fontvieille, a ward constructed in the 1970s on land reclaimed from the sea; and Monte Carlo, the principal residential and resort area of Monaco.

Monte Carlo is where you’ll find the Golden Circle — home to the old Casino, the Hôtel de Paris, the Café de Paris,  the Opéra de Monte-Carlo, and storefronts for every major luxury-brand that’s been lucky enough to squeeze out a toehold in the area surrounding these landmarks.

If you think “luxury and glamour” when you think of Monaco, odds are the picture you have in mind is of Monte Carlo.

Architecturally very much in the Belle Époque style, Monte Carlo is quite beautiful during the day. But it’s at night when the place becomes magical.

The Casino and Opera of Monte Carlo were both designed by Charles Garnier.

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