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Event: Anime North 2010 (Toronto)

Started in 1997 and attracting only 800 attendees at that time, Anime North has since grown into one of the larger North American fan-run conventions for all things anime/manga-related. It now draws approximately 15,000 attendees over the course of each year’s 3-day run.

Actually, in all honesty, I hadn’t planned to go.

But as things would have it, I happened to be free and in the area during this year’s event, so I decided to drop by and roam the show.

The Dealer’s Room was crowded, hot, and uninteresting for me, so for the most part, I ended up wandering the venues (note to organizers: spreading programming across 3 non-connected locations != good idea) and snapping photos of various cosplayers and random hall-costumes. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the whole Masquerade on Saturday, but I did manage to make it in time for the last few entries.

On the whole, there were a fair number of decent costumes and cosplayers, a few excellent ones, and the usual collection of total fail (which we’ll all agree to pretend we didn’t see). All things considered, I’d rate AN2010 a “B-” for its overall costuming/cosplay experience. And while I’m pretty certain I didn’t catch all the costumes and cosplaying that was going on — such is the nature of convention-crowd Brownian motion — I’m confident I saw enough of a sampling to consider my assessment generally accurate to within the standard margin of error.

The weather was undeniably stellar, and it ended up being a rather pleasant stress-free weekend (my not being tied up with work for a change certainly didn’t hurt). I caught up with a few friends I hadn’t seen in years, and made the new acquaintance of several nice folks during my many walkabouts.

I took so many photographs over the weekend that I’m just going to dump the pictures into the gallery in no particular order and with the barest of post-processing (correcting only for color, exposure, and red-eye). If you happen to be one of the people I took a photo of and would like a larger (high-resolution) copy of the picture, please feel free to drop me a note and I’d be most happy to oblige.

Lions and tigers and 15,000 anime fans…oh my.

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