the travels & travails of an escaped lab rat

Who was that masked man?

In all honesty, I’m just a guy with some spare server space and a few odd moments now and again to fill said space with collected miscellanea. I have an interesting job (at least by my standards), which affords me the means and opportunity to travel places and see a bit of the world. I’ve worked in a lot of industries (from pen & paper gaming to international finance), in a lot of capacities (from writer & illustrator to corporate director). If I’ve provided a way for you to pleasantly while away your time, brilliant; if I’ve inspired you to actually do something remotely constructive (or adventurous) afterwards, even better.

Despite our innate human proclivity to want to itemize and classify the world around us, in reality it’s pretty difficult to sum people up in a single paragraph, let alone a few words. Well…I suppose you *can* try, but as a general rule, your margin of error for correctness and completeness would be inversely proportional to the size and scope of your description.

It also gets obvious rather quickly that you can’t simply define someone by what they do, where they live, or whom they’re reading. We’re all multi-faceted beings, though some of our sides are more polished and show better than others; eventually, no matter how expertly cut and polished a facet might be, some sides end up getting emphasized or lost depending on the angle or perspective of the viewer.

In other words, I am what I am – if you don’t like it, take a few steps to either your right or left and take another look.

On a technical note, many of the photos I feature on this site were taken with whatever cell phone I owned and was carrying at the time (as I’m usually travelling for work and thus travelling lightly – sans camera). Cell phone cameras used include: Motorola RAZR v3, HTC TyTN II, and Samsung SGH-G810. When I do get the opportunity to use an actual purpose-built camera, I use a Canon PowerShot G10 (which is, quite frankly, amazing for its size and form-factor). As I find myself getting more into heavily processed giga-pixel HDR photography, I do admit to finding myself eyeing a new Nikon D300s to help with shot setup and ease production work-flow.

This site is running on WordPress (codebase 2.9.2) using a modified Picture Perfect theme by Wayne Connor. Central plugins include: a customized version of WP-ImageFlow2 by Bev Stofko, and WP-Cumulus by Roy Tanck.

What am I doing tonight?

Same thing I do every night:

try to take over the world!


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